Welcome to the homepage of the Karate Club Langenselbold 1969 e.V.

Here you will find everything worth knowing about us, starting with our 50 years of club history up to a short introduction to karate. Of course you can also find all the current dates and courses. If you have become curious, just come by during our training times and have a look.

Online-Training in Budo-Aerobic

Since the beginning of February we offer the weekly Budo Aerobic training via Zoom

As we have personally informed all club members, since the beginning of February we offer Budo Aerobic training online via Zoom-meeting.

Christoph has set up the necessary training space at home. The club has invested in a web camera and a mixer for the sound mix of speech and music. In addition, we purchased a pro account with Zoom.

Christoph and Bernd set up the system and tested it in advance. So everything worked out right from the first training session.

The meeting is offered weekly at the usal time 8pm on Wednesday. It is opened a quarter of an hour before it starts , so that everyone has a chance to talk to each other a bit. The training itself is the same as usual. Starting with the warm-up, through the build-up of a longer and finally more intensive sequence of techniques, to the stretching and strengthening exercises at the end. Christoph merely uses a little less space and, in the interest of neighborly relations, refrains from jumping or bouncing.

So far, we've had a positive outcome. Participants have been motivated and pleased to finally be able to resume the workouts they have been missing.

We will continue online training until we have the opportunity to meet again indoors or outdoors if necessary.

Anyone can participate by zooming in using the "link" we provide or the meeting ID and a password. Prerequisite is an area of about 2.5x2m, stable internet access via PC/laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can find more details in our instruction manual (sorry - German only).

If someone does not receive the link or would like to join as a guest, please contact Petra Burbach.

Last but not least: We look forward to all who take up the offer and to a "NON-digital" reunion soon.

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Hello all together,

as you know there is currently no club sport allowed, so we can't offer any training.

As soon as there are changes, we will…

New training offer for children from 5 years starts on 15.8. 2019

Our club


  • are not a big club, but with our more than 50-year history one of the oldest karate clubs in Hessen.

  • are broadly sport-oriented and not competition-oriented

  • have qualified trainers

  • are pleased about everyone who wants to train with us, regardless of age, sex, social or ethnic background

  • offer both karate and fitness oriented Budo aerobic training

  • have low membership fees and even a family membership



  • is a training originating from Japan
  • was developed there for defense without weapons
  • knows no first attack
  • strengthens body and mind
  • can be exercised at any age, provided there is sufficient mobility

Budo Aerobic

Budo Aerobic

  • was founded 16 years ago by our Karateka Christoph Burbach
  • has been developed further and further over the years and is today a second mainstay of our association
  • is a whole body fitness training based on fighting techniques
  • is performed to the rhythm of motivating music
  • can be individually adjusted in intensity
  • is included in the monthly fee



Karate Verein Langenselbold e.V. 1969

Management / Club address:

Petra Burbach
Schießstraße 26f
63486 Bruchköbel

Phone: 06181 / 976557


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