Health and all the best for the new year!

Dear members,

your club board and the coaches wish you all the best in the new year and this time especially: stay healthy!

Surely you miss some exercise, you miss the fellowship with your training partners, the sweat in your sportswear...
What will become of your good intentions now?

The pandemic has made our club life impossible in large parts of the last year - even now it is not foreseeable when it will continue.

After the first lockdown, we dealt with hygiene concepts and were able to organize a training session despite the closed gym, even if it was somewhat limited.

We were happy about what was possible, even though the inkling that this would not last long was already in us.
And so the feared second lockdown came and we had to stop training again.

To avoid any misunderstanding, we understand the measures and still consider them appropriate.

We had dealt with the exceptional situation in the board and considered whether we could do something.

However, there are not many options for us.

Offering online training would be one. But, this requires technical equipment, a dedicated space so that this installation can stay in place, a very fast Internet connection, trainers who are familiar with these techniques and can adapt to these conditions in the training operation.

In short, this is a challenge even for large clubs, for us simply not feasible.

Since we were forced to offer you actually NOTHING, we had decided in the board to waive the payment of dues for the last quarter of 2020 and thus thanked you for your loyalty and understanding.

We hope that we can all get back to normal as soon as possible. It will certainly take a few more weeks and maybe even a few more months. But hopefully by then you will be so HOT for training that our hall will be fully filled.


Your board and the trainers of the Karate Club Langenselbold e.V.



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