Our history

The Karate Club Langenselbold was born in 1969, when Karl Vetter and Günther Herrmann founded the Karate Club Langenselbold. Karl Vetter left the club in January 1978 for health reasons and handed over the management to Hans Joachim Jentzsch.

Under the leadership of Hans Joachim Jentzsch, the founding meeting of the Karate Club Langenselbold e.V. took place on July 3rd, 1978. Present were 28 club members (for comparison today: 146 members). Hans Joachim Jentzsch was elected as the 1st chairman, who successfully managed the association's business until 1989 and thus also significantly influenced the association.

Our activities

Every year at least 2 courses with well-known trainers are offered. To name but a few:

the former Hessian national coach Kata and style direction adviser Detlef Herbst

the former state coach and style direction consultant from Thuringia Lothar Ratschke

the multiple Shotokan - World Champion, European Champion and German Champion Siggi Hartl

the former women's representative of the German Karate Federation Herta Gal

They have all been our guests as course leaders.

The jubilee course for the 30th anniversary of our club in 1999 was led by national coach Kata Efthimios Karamitsos and the Shotokan - World Champion Kata Scharzad Mansouri.

Weekend courses are offered at regular intervals.

For members and friends of the club the traditional summer party takes place every year, which is usually combined with 3 joint training sessions on karate and budo aerobics. Here the club members, family members and friends can get to know the training possibilities offered by the club. Also the sociability does not come too briefly: after the common training units one barbecues in large round, so that the members can get to know each other also beside the training.

Every 2 years there is a common weekend in the youth centre Ronneburg. The cosy get-together is also the main focus here. Common training, sauna, swimming pool, ball games, the in-house disco. The facilities of the JZR leave nothing to be desired. Our children and teenagers especially enjoy the night hike.

Once a year, in autumn, a club tournament is organized if required. Here the Karatekas can get a taste of the competition atmosphere. Comparative fights with friendly dojos have also been organized.

The participation in the Christmas market in Langenselbold with an own stand was a tradition for many years. Bus trips and boat trips have also been organized. Very popular with the members and their families were the hikes in spring.


Our basic understanding of trainers and training

The training of the trainers is very important for the Karate Club Langenselbold. In order to guarantee this, all trainers have had a valid trainer license or trainer license from the DSB (German - Sport - Federation) since 1988. By the training of the trainers of the club a clearly qualitatively improved training could be offered. This is certainly reflected in the enormous increase of active Karatekas in the Karate - Club in the last 10 years.

Karate-Do in the Karate - Club Langenselbold is mainly a popular sport. This means that Karate-Do is offered "for everyone". Exception is our intensive youth work, which is clearly more developed to a competitive sport. This is shown by several successes in the youth area on "Kyu - tournaments" with friendly clubs.

By Karate-Do as a popular sport, many Karatekas put the "self-defense" in the foreground. But self-defence is a part of Karate-Do, which needs a long training until it is mastered. By the classification or performance marking of the colour belts a long way to the master degree, the black belt, is given.

To be able to participate in championships, a given minimum degree must be reached. The Karateka must therefore train eagerly to reach the required colour belt and the corresponding maturity. In the initial stage, the basic techniques must first be learned and practiced. These include defensive techniques and simple punches and kicks. Later combinations, partner training and Kata follow. Kata is a prescribed sequence of techniques that represent an imaginary fight.

Before each training there is a warm-up gymnastics to create the physical conditions for Karate-Do. Karate-Do is and can be practiced at the age of about 8 to 80 years.


Where and when we train

Wir trainieren in der Turnhalle der Schule am Weinberg in Langenselbold

The 1st chairmen over the years

1969 to 1978: Karl Vetter

1978 to 1989: Hans Joachim Jentzsch

1989 to 1993: Manfred Fuchs

1993 to 1998: Olaf Sielemann

1998 to 2007: Walter Lauer

2007 to 2009: Otto Lach

2010 to 2012: Manfred Fuchs

2013 to 2017: Richard von Isenburg

since 2017:     Tamara Brand 



Karate Verein Langenselbold e.V. 1969

Management / Club address:

Petra Burbach
Schießstraße 26f
63486 Bruchköbel

Phone: 06181 / 976557


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